Kickstart your Kickstarter

If we had to depict two online trends of the past year, than they are big data and crowd funding. But what if we combine these two concepts?

During the MakerSpace hackathon in Eindhoven, the Netherlands ( 29 & 30 March 2014 ) we created a web crawler to index all 130.000 projects that have been created on the Kickstarter platform. Including meta-data like project goal, geo-location and the date of the campaign start. A rich source of interesting insights and correlations that should grab the interest of anyone involved in innovation and crowdfunding.

Can we make solid conclusions based on the data of the crowdfund projects and can we trace relations between different data points? For example: In what month should I start my project in order to increase my chance of success?

The interactive map is the cream on the pie, which allows you to dynamically generate statistics on the set location boundaries. For instance, what is the most successful project in New York or what kind of projects dominate the Eindhoven region in the Netherlands, is ir technology? Let’s find out!